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The Century List – 100 days to Accomplish 10 Bold Goals

It’s pretty common to hear people talk about their century lists, inspired by the 2007 movie The Bucket List. In case you don’t know, a bucket list is essentially a list of things you want to do before you die (in other words, kick the bucket). A few years ago on valentines day my better half and I exchanged our Century Lists or as we refer to them ‘Centum Negotium Perpetro‘, which is our list of the 100 things we each want to do before we die. The idea was that we would help each other complete and fulfill our worldly aspirations.

The process of making the list was inspirational – there are no boundaries and no limitations. It’s intimate and personal and it forces you to answer questions about what you want to accomplish in life, where you want to go, what brings meaning to your life, what is important, what milestones you want to achieve and what you need to accomplish to live a life without regret. For me the list was complete when I had someone to share it with, someone to help my dreams and aspirations become reality. To date, we’ve completed 13 items on my list and 6 on his, representing a 9.5% completion rate. At this rate, it will take us around 30 years to complete both of our lists and that is only if we don’t continue to add to them.

In the midst of thinking about my career goals for 2011, I thought I’d get an early head start tackling a few items on our Century List. The plan is to spend the next 100 days working on 10 items from our lists. The timeline is for motivation as I’m deadline driven. In no particular order, below are the 10 goals we’ve set out to complete by February 8, 2011.

1. Read the Night Sky: Be able to locate 10 constellations
2. Bungee Jump
3. Learn to juggle with three balls
4. Master the Rubick’s cube
5. Volunteer for a great cause and motivate others to join
6. Build an amazing sandcastle (one worthy of a photograph)
7. Live a week without spending money
8. Train for & run a full marathon
9. Renew a friendship with a long lost friend
10. Spend a date on the bus: spend an entire day on a bus reflecting on the past and planning for the future

Since I’ve had a lot of messages from my readers to get back to blogging – I’d love to hear from you:
Do you have a Century List?
Are you planning to make resolutions for 2011?
What are the top 3 things you have/would have on your Century List?

I would encourage everyone to have a Century List. How about incorporating all of your annual resolutions into a list that becomes an extension of who you are. You can keep it in Google docs, so that it is easily accessible, shareable and you can add to it anytime you want. Here are a few sites that can help you jump start your Century List.

Good Luck.


Inspiration Wednesday… Change the World.

I’ve decided to add an Inspiration Wednesday section, because I think it’s a healthy reminder that anything is possible.

When I left a job I loved at Microsoft for island life, many were skeptical. I wrote this great email to all of my colleagues that High Risk = High Return. Six months later people still tell me that it was the best departure email that they’ve ever read. I suppose it’s because the email is a clear reflection of me and my pursuit of happiness. I haven’t changed the world yet, but I sincerely hope I’ll have the opportunity to try.

I’m a PC Geek, but I can’t help but love Apple’s old ad Think Differently because it showcases people that rise up to challenges and make a lasting imprint on the world. Sometimes change is what we find when we open ourselves up to a world of possibilities. I could not have said it better, Think Differently.

Sometimes happiness sounds better with a Y. I love Will’s speech to his son, coaching him to pursue his dreams: “You want something go get it, period.” – Pursuit of Happyness Movie

I grew up with an inspirational friend without arms and legs. This next video reminds me of her and her passion for life. If you look into her eyes, you’ll quickly realize that there is nothing she can’t do – thanks for the powerful lesson in life Lindsay. Nick Juvicic has a similar story – “I Love Life”.

Nothing worth pursuing is without risk, but you have to at least attempt it. What are you waiting for?
Happy Inspirational Wednesday.

You had me at Wordle

In my constant pursuit to find new visualization tools I stumbled upon Wordle. While my favorite visualization tools provide a broad range of visualization types, they often require you to upload your dataset which is subsequently accessible by anyone. In contrast, Wordle allows you to paste text, URL’s or a del.icio.us user name in the creation screen and leaves the decision to share your word cloud completely up to you. Wordle also offers a number of fonts, colors and design options so that you can artfully craft the perfect word cloud.

As a numbers person, I struggled with tangible ways to use word clouds. After an hour of testing different options, I came up with a few interesting ways you might use Wordle . As a bonus, I even found a way to incorporate numbers.

1. Bio. If you’re like me and dislike writing your own biography, why not put a new age spin on your personal resume by publishing a Word Cloud Bio. I loaded my resume into Wordle with the following result:


My Professional Word Cloud Bio

2. Demystifying your blog. Find out what you spend the majority of your blog talking about. – does it match your life passion? You might also gauge new blogs you are considering adding to your blog role by typing the URL into Wordle. I was surprised to see how similar my resume and blog are – thankfully my passion and professional life seem aligned (see below).
The Insight Effect Word Cloud

The Insight Effect Word Cloud

3. Inspiration. Have you book marked a favorite blog, website, speech, movie, music album, or book that motivates and inspires you? Why not load the details into Wordle and create a screen saver or desktop theme that energizes you.

Favorite Quotes

4. Lotto Picks. If you want a new way to pick lotto numbers – try loading the recent winning numbers. I pulled all the winning numbers (up to today) for the Canada Lotto Max, which just started in September 2009. I excluded the Max millions because who wants one million when there’s a jackpot of 50 million!
(Side note: Probability wise, all numbers have an equal chance of being pulled in a lotto draw). Good Luck & if you win using the information feel free to send me royalties!

Lotto Max Frequency

Lotto Max Winning Numbers

Lucky #17

Leave me a comment with your ideas and experience with Wordle!