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Inspiration Wednesday… Change the World.

I’ve decided to add an Inspiration Wednesday section, because I think it’s a healthy reminder that anything is possible.

When I left a job I loved at Microsoft for island life, many were skeptical. I wrote this great email to all of my colleagues that High Risk = High Return. Six months later people still tell me that it was the best departure email that they’ve ever read. I suppose it’s because the email is a clear reflection of me and my pursuit of happiness. I haven’t changed the world yet, but I sincerely hope I’ll have the opportunity to try.

I’m a PC Geek, but I can’t help but love Apple’s old ad Think Differently because it showcases people that rise up to challenges and make a lasting imprint on the world. Sometimes change is what we find when we open ourselves up to a world of possibilities. I could not have said it better, Think Differently.

Sometimes happiness sounds better with a Y. I love Will’s speech to his son, coaching him to pursue his dreams: “You want something go get it, period.” – Pursuit of Happyness Movie

I grew up with an inspirational friend without arms and legs. This next video reminds me of her and her passion for life. If you look into her eyes, you’ll quickly realize that there is nothing she can’t do – thanks for the powerful lesson in life Lindsay. Nick Juvicic has a similar story – “I Love Life”.

Nothing worth pursuing is without risk, but you have to at least attempt it. What are you waiting for?
Happy Inspirational Wednesday.


How doing what you believe correlates with growth

Why do you do what you do?

This is the question a new Ted talk asks you to answer
Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

Simon reminds us that people buy because of ‘why you do something’, not ‘what you do’. When you inspire people with your products, your cause, your brand they become ambassadors and they will carry your message on to the public. A Harvard Business Review on loyalty, published in 2001, analyzes a similar point. The number one driver for growth is your customers willingness to evangelize your products, cause or brand. So how do we find these types of people?

I think you need to start with a great group of marketers that believe in what you do. It’s hard to create inspiring ideas if the people you are relying on lack the drive and passion to tell an emotional story. You need to find people that cut through the marketing clutter to create a message worth repeating. At that point, make sure you’ve got insight and know who your customer is and how to reach them. It usually helps to have great analytics people on your team. Finally, look for ways to create emotional connectedness with your customers. If you haven’t tried a hand-written post card to your loyal evangelists, what are you waiting for?

Thanks Simon for a few great quotes to inspire us all:
“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it!”
“We follow those who lead not because we have to, but because we want to.”